What Are the Major Causes of Rosacea


Rosacea is a chronic condition that affects adults and looks like acne. It is incurable and normally comes as an intermittent condition; it comes and goes with time. It causes a red like pimple to appear on ones face, the nose being the majorly affected part. Although it is incurable, it can be managed if properly treated. If not treated, it can cause a bulbous pink nose. This condition mainly affects people of Caucasian and Irish origin. There is no evidence that it can be contagious through contact with the affected person. There are several mysterious causes of Rosacea that have been attributed to cause this condition. They are referred to as “mysterious” because its actual cause is unkown. These is just factors that are believed to cause it.

Abnormalities of the blood vessels could cause Rosacea. Dermatologist thinks that the flushing nature of the condition with redness is actually originating from the blood vessels. Constant exposure to sunlight can worsen the situation as it damages the skin. Excessive light from the sun irritates the vessels though no pain is felt thus causing it to dilate.

A tiny and microscopic mite known as Demodex folliculorum is believed to contribute to this condition. Although these tiny insects have been known to harmlessly live inside ones skin, people who suffer from Rosacea have been found to carry more of them. This is increase in their numbers is what has made skin experts to see it as a cause. These mites are always found in hair follicles.

A bacterium too has been blamed as other causes of rosacea. Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium that is found along the alimentary canal especially in the digestive system. Experts in skin conditions anticipate that this bacterium stimulates generation of bradykini, protein proven to accelerate blood vessel circumference thus causing dilation. This ultimately results to Rosacea.

Certain foods and beverages are believed to cause the condition. People who drink alcohol are known to have accelerated the severance of the condition. Hot beverages that contain caffeine too have the same effects as alcohol. People who do physical exercises have a high chance of getting it than those who don’t. Exercise is believed to trigger the condition. This factor should not make you fail to participate in physical activities. They are good for your health.

A person who has Rosacea should be able to manage his/her stress level. Abrupt anger and stress could also trigger rosacea.It is therefore wise for the affected person to cool down his/her stress. Stress should not control you. This is absolutely because anger could trigger blushing thus affecting the condition.

In a household that has a person with Rosacea, there is a high likelihood that another member would be a victim. This is definitely because hereditary and genetic factors have also been seen as major causes of Rosacea. It can pass from generation to generation.

From the look of these causes, many of it has not been fully and globally accepted. Dermertologist just have clues of it as probable causes of Rosacea.


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