What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflammatory, chronic skin condition that typically affects the face. This condition can cause facial redness as well as produce red, pus-filled small pustules upon the face, making them highly bothersome to most. Rosacea worsens as time goes on, but can greatly worsen when left untreated. It is often mistaken to be eczema or acne, or some type of skin allergy, but it is an actual condition which many suffer from.

What Is Rosacea?

Approximately 1 out of 20 Americans suffer from rosacea, while over 14 million people are said to be affected with the condition. Since it is constantly misdiagnosed with other conditions, the incidence it causes become quite high. Certain sources have revealed that over 78% of Americans don’t know anything about this condition, its symptoms, and what to do when they attain it. Rosacea is highly common among fair skinned people upon the northern European ancestry. Although studies have shown that it can be attained by people in Asia, especially in regions which have undergone socioeconomic developments in recent years. There has been quite some speculation on how lifestyle can be a factor that causes rosacea, and not just someone’s skin color.

What Causes Rosacea?

Although there are many theories of what may cause Rosacea, there hasn’t been any scientific cause as to what seems to cause the condition. However, many hope that the continuously ongoing research upon this condition will lead to many improvements in its potential prevention, management, and cure. Many people believe that this condition may be some type of vascular disorder due to its association with redness, flushing, redness as well as visible blood vessels. However, some physicians have speculated that the flushing may just involve ones nervous system, because rosacea is often aggravated or triggered when patients are going through emotional stress. A theory about the swelling is that the increased blood flows during the flushing will lead to an increase with ones tissue fluid, that will then accumulate quicker until the lymphatic system will no longer be able to remove it. Once the swelling has persist, it may then contribute to the skin thickening because the tissue accumulates. Although there aren’t any actual causes on rosacea, at least there are many remedies that have shown to help lessen the amount and potential eliminate the condition for good.

Top Remedies For Rosacea

– Lifestyle Modifications

Many rosacea sufferers, especially the sufferers who are prone to frequent flushes have reported to take advantage of stress management and relaxation techniques such as yoga, mediation, yoga, breathing exercises, and continuous workout. Self-care as well as dietary modification measures have shown to really help aid in the treatment of rosacea. However, there are many different forms of this disease, making each and every type needing different treatments. It is also advisable to go through water therapy, as rosacea is a form of toxins within the body which then breakthrough the skin. Drinking tons of water daily can help to flush out all the toxins your body may have.

– Green Tea Cream

green teaThere has been a tiny study regarding green tea and its effectiveness upon rosacea. Certain dermatologists have found evidence on how green tea cream can help people who suffer from rosacea. This study upon green tea cream helping rosacea showed 60 women within the ages of 25-50 years with the condition. They all had the red bumps with pustules while 20 of them had the redness and while another 17 had the visible blood vessels. The study involved half of the women to apply green tea cream which contain 2% polyphenone. They were told to apply the cream twice a day, while the other half simply applied a placebo cream. Right after a month passed, the women who used the green tea cream experience significant reduction upon their pustules and red bumps, while the other experience very little if not any differences with their rosacea. This small study proves that simple remedies for rosacea can really help treat this condition.

– Food Intolerance

There have also been a couple alternative practitioners who have found certain foods to possibly be associated with the many rosacea symptoms. Certain foods can cause a release of chemicals which dialate blood vessels as well as cause flushing. A very effective and inexpensive way to identify food intolerance is by simply eliminating certain foods and following strict diet. This diet should involve you removing some allergenic foods in your diet for about 1-2 two weeks, and then afterwards, slowly reintroduce them back to your diet to eliminate those food reactions. Before eliminating foods from your diet, consider being supervised by a professional health practitioner.

– Apple Cider Vinegar

This type of vinegar has been used to be a home remedy for this condition, and surprisingly, it has shown to be very effective. It’s thought out to stimulate one’s release of their digestive enzymes, then help normalize their bacterial balance inside their intestines. Apple cider vinegar can be found in an array of places and are also quite cost effective as well.

– Aloe Vera

Applying aloe vera extract directly on to the affected area has shown to help minimize the amount as well as decrease inflammation and irritation. You can apply the fresh plant’s goo on to the areas which have rosacea, and in a matter of weeks, the condition will lessen. It is advised to apply the aloe vera extract once a day before you go to sleep, as it will revive your skin for when you wake up. In the morning, make sure you wash the aloe vera goo off with lukewarm water. The aloe vera extract will minimize the size of your pores and lessen the swelling and redness of your face. If you are currently suffering from rosacea, and you have found the condition to be very bothersome, then you must consider try out one of the natural remedies above.

The remedies for rosacea above have proven to help sufferers manage their condition better, as they reduce the symptoms of the condition. The remedies above can help treat and minimize rosacea, plus they can possibly help to eliminate the condition for good.